Advanced Calendar

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Advanced Calendar

This project consists of creating a calendar that businesses will be able to use to post their events, promotions, sale tickets and/or products, and receive payments. Users will be able to look up events or products availability, book events, pay for tickets or product, create schedules, and even update businesses on their attendance status. Here are some of the things that will need to be done in order to complete this project:

- Design a working website through which users will be able to access the calendar (login page, policies, dashboard, etc…)
- Login page includes: username and password login, forgot login, sign up
- Sign up page includes: Account name (The name you choose will be used as part of the web address that your users see. For example: “…”) ; language, password, email address, phone #, Full Name, Registration type (Individual, Business), Country, About us, Terms of use, privacy policy
- Individuals will be able to post up to 50 events for free and have as much as 100 free booking
- Businesses will have different options with monthly payments

We will provide a calendar template and would like to incorporate the features offered by supersaas into our calendar including:

- Type of schedule that will be created: Resource calendar (room), service, multiple booking, capacity…
- Include option to double book or not
- Drag and drop from my calendar to a day
- Add “Insert file or link” to each day’s drop down. Each inserted file can be set as the default which will allow it to be visible on that day square.
- Free sample images to insert (doctor, restaurant, …)
- Form can be crated and required in before someone can book an appointment
- Payment options with different currencies
- There needs to be a zoom in and zoom out function for the calendar view (when you point to a day)
- there needs to be an option live calendar update that users will be allowed to set (off, manual, auto). If someone who has an appointment is running late, he can modems a notification and the master calendar will be updated automatically, or an update notice will be sent to a selected user ( if the manual option was selected)

Periods: 15 August 2012 – 22 August 2012
Jobs: HTML, MySQL, PHP, Software Architecture, Website Design
Budget: $750 – $1500
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