Build a website under our conditions and standards

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Build a website under our conditions and standards

Hi Feelancers,

I’m looking for a company that can make a website for me under some conditions. We have bought the domain but we want some one who can code and design a chat and a forum page for us, commenting capabilities for a product page , a rating system on the products by the users and a members area. I’ll start by explaining each section:

Before I explain , I want to introduce the purpose of our website( , the purpose of the website is to showcase cool amazing amazon products or other products for users to check out. Now we have images and concepts for what the website should look like. This isn’t just a site that showcases products , but it has it’s social features too where members can make their own profile page with simple features given to them such as having a profile picture and a comment section for other members to comment on their profile.

On the homepage , it shows the recent products that have been showcased on the site , including a top 5 products featured by admins(like my partner and I). I have an image that shows what it looks like. The member area randomly shows members who has signed up for

The other pages including recent , tools , toys , decorations, and apparels are very similar to each other but each page showcases different products. Such as recent just takes the recent items we’ve posted . Tools shows the products that are classified as tools , apparels showcases clothes and so on.

When the user clicks on the product they will be taken to the product page. This page allows the user to rate the product with a thumbs up or a thumbs down if they chose to. They can also comment on the product(sign in is required).A concept image is provided. On the product page there will be a button labeled “BUY” which leads the user to a specific link such as an amazon page.

Now for the Chat and Forum page , the user will be taken to a page that lets them decide if they want to enter a forum or chat page. For the forum , I would like it to be like any forum on a website(just plain and simple). For chat my partner and I was planning on having different functions for the chat such as random chat and room chat. Random chat is when the users are randomly assigned to other users looking to chat in a random chat, in the random chat , users can see eachother’s profile picture that they have uploaded to the ifunnyStore. For room chat I want the chat to be divided into different rooms(users can host their own rooms so others can join) The main room is called the “lobby” were users can chat in the room or make their own room(we got this inspiration from the mobile app[chatworld]. For the chat page room , the design can be anything as long as it maintain it’s feature(We don’t really have an image or design for that)

The about page should be simple where we state our site purpose and list the people who helped made our site possible.

Now to do this, I was wondering how much it would cause and how long it would take for the construction of the site?



Periods: 29 August 2012 – 5 September 2012
Jobs: eCommerce, HTML, PHP, Shopping Carts, Website Design
Budget: $250 – $750
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