Customise Joomla website (already have theme)

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Customise Joomla website (already have theme)

I am looking for someone to provide some customization for my website.

It runs on Joomla but looks very… Boring.

I want it to look exciting and “web 2.0″

Let me know how many hours you think it will take. I have a deposit photos account to add images from there..

I really like the look of this site here:

Our domain is:

I am looking for a quality designer to make is visually appealing. Not a quick job. If it requires more time/money I am happy as long as we get great results.

I would like a “Call us now: 01752 349774″ Added to the top right of all pages.

Also for the first page to have 3 Areas on the home page for:
*Video Design

If you do well perhaps we could outsource to you. We do some basic web design project with CMS like Joomla and WordPress along with online stores. (We have 2 online store jobs soon but our designers are unreliable) I have looked at your profile and I think you could do a really good job of it.

We will also want some scrolling areas for clients testimonials. Just need the site looking sleek.

We want our new site to be:
Our old site was:
Sites we like are:

Perhaps you could make some sliders like this site has:
(not the same but jquery sliders look great)

We have the deposit photos account and also an account with shape5 so if you need any custom joomla components/extensions let me know and I will install them in advance.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Periods: 19 July 2012 – 26 July 2012
Jobs: Graphic Design, HTML, Joomla, PHP, Website Design
Budget: $200 – $350
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