Design and programming of multiple choice quiz site

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Design and programming of multiple choice quiz site

I need to have a website designed (to be attractive) and a web application (database, whatever is most appropriate, I am open to suggestion) programmed to set up a website for multiple choice quizzes.

The things I have determined I would like so far are, in no order of preference:

A secure members area (at a later date it will need to be ecommerce enabled so that people can purchase memberships but until there is a sufficient amount of content and the bugs are worked out it will be free)
An engine that makes it easy to enter new questions with up to five different answers (choice A, choice B etc,)
There needs to be facility to add ‘tags’ to questions so that they are defined by their broad subject category and then specific topic within the subject (for instance, the broad category could be ‘Maths’ and the topic could be ‘Addition’. They aren’t the subjects the site will cover but will serve as an example), Multiple topic tags should be able to be added (as per the previous example you could make the topics the question is relevant for be ‘Addition’ ‘Basic Maths’ and ‘Advanced Maths’, again, just as an example)
Statistics should be able to be generated for users based both on the broad subject category and specific topics, so that users can determine how their overall knowledge is and then drill down to where their specific weaknesses might be.
Questions should be able to be added to the database of questions in bulk (for instance through a formatted spreadsheet).
There should be a page where users can submit their own questions, which will marked as questions for review (by a moderator) and then the moderator should be able to approve the question which will then add it to the general database.
When a user submits a question and it is approved, there should be a statistic in their account that shows how many questions they have submitted.

As something that would be nice to include but isn’t necessary initially (if it is going to take a lot more work to implement for instance) would be the possibility of having short answer questions. For instance: Q. What colour is the sky? and the user would type ‘Blue’ and the question would be marked as correct. Spelling would be important (so the exact answer is necessary) but capitalisation isn’t important (so both ‘Blue’ and ‘blue’ would be accepted as a correct answer).

To show that you have read the entire description of this project. Please write the following line in your bid comments with every second word all in caps. This shows that you have paid attention to what I want and that we won’t be wasting each other’s time. The sentence to write is ‘this project excites me’. If you haven’t included this, your bid will be ignored.

There may be some additional requirements but this is all I can think of for now.

If I have set my budget too low, feel free to send me a private message telling me why you feel the project is worth more and we might be able to discuss it.

If you have a reputation of less than 80%, please don’t bother bidding as you won’t be accepted. If you are new to and have done no projects at all then sorry but also please do not bid as your bid will not be accepted.

Periods: 22 August 2012 – 29 August 2012
Jobs: MySQL, SQL, User Interface / IA, Website Design
Budget: $250 – $750
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