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Facebook FAns Need Urgent

we’re looking for a awesome-energetic-passionate-fun-creative social media account coordinator. this job requires 4 hours a day – working from home and meeting twice a week at the office in Culver City – while being in touch with the team via skype. eat is a company that was set to be mobile so that we are able to work from places that keep us inspired, while being very responsible and organized.

job description:

connect with blogs, bloggers and media outlets, and further establish eat’s brand, and help find new clients;

search for ideas and provide us with insights for ways to improve our clients’ promotional campaigns (both online and offline);

help run eat’s clients viral marketing campaigns, using facebook, twitter, blog, websites etc;

help generating content to these clients blogs/facebook/twitter, and generate hits on their pages through these campaigns;

assist in filtering through ideas and posting content on eat’s pages that is most relevant to the culture and our clients;

to generate ideas for our clients and have a better understanding of the culture and entertainment scene all around us;

to be more specific in what you’ll be doing on the daily basis:

create postings on facebook and twitter for some of our clients – english speakers

update dates, calendar, client’s gigs, and make sure that the dates are well distributed and announced and all media outlets

make sure that all client’s pages are well organized (graphics, posts from fans are responded, tabs, etc)

manage production schedule of graphic pieces that will be used to mantain client’s pages along with design team.

clipping (to keep everything that comes out on the press from our clients)

work on promo logistics, come up with new ideas, new media and different and innovative ways to increase our client’s fan bases

contact with clubs before client’s gigs

content research to update client’s pages (flyers, photos, videos, mixes)

connect with blogs

if interested, please respond to the following questions:

1 – what is your name, email address and location ?

2 – do you speak other languages? if yes, which ones?

3 – are you currently going to school/ university? if yes, where?

4 – give an example of a past work experience you particularly enjoyed.

5 – do you have a personal project such as a website, group or anything that would’d like to share with us? do tell.

6 – 10 years have passed. we are now in 2022. where and how do you see yourself professionally? where would you like to be?

Periods: 9 September 2012 – 10 September 2012
Jobs: Facebook, Social Networking
Budget: $30 – $250
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