Flash based graphic editor

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Flash based graphic editor

I need a website plugin application based on flash, that can output the drawing from customer to vector file like AI or EPS, and then saved in MySQL.

I’m using LAMP, or PHP + MySQL to develop the online ordering system for my website, but I want to enable customers to provide me their artwork file by drawing their concepts or artwork in my website and then saved into my website database — MySQL or my website certain file directory — which enable me to retrive.

The file must be saved in EPS or AI format. Below is the scenario of whole process:

1. Customer order a product in my website — example namecard

2. Order & payment complete, customer direct to the graphic editor to draw or design their namecard

3. Finish drawing, the file will save in database or file directory of my website

4. order complete


Basically, what I want is the “flash based graphic editor” that can plug into my order system, whereby the graphic editor will have following features:

1. select paper size (and output the vector file according to select paper size)
2. pencil drawing & freehand drawing
3. coloring
4. shape drawing — square, circle, rectangle
5. input image / photo
6. text & writing — font selection, font size, color, alignment, styling, and other common features of text (available in most graphic editors)
7. crop, rotate, resize & scaling of object
8. copy, cut & paste
9. gradient & shadow effect
10. graphic/object layer
11. output final drawing to JPG, AI or EPS & PDF file (according to select paper size)

Basically, it much like the Microsoft Paint, and it’s flash based. The developed flash application must be enabled me to configure the following:

1. plugin in any page of my site as I prefer
2. upon click “FINISH & SAVE”, auto generate jpg & vector file, and then close & direct to any page (I can preset & change anytime)
3. preset & configure the output jpg, AI or EPS & PDF file to any file directory i want
4. upload & change my watermark or logo in this flash editor

Also, I also want:
1. the complete development flash souce file
2. able to put watermark or image of my logo in pre-determined corner


Please contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you.

Periods: 3 October 2012 – 10 October 2012
Jobs: Embedded Software, Software Architecture
Budget: $250 – $750
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