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freelancer clone website

Hello dear freelancers, as you can see on my profile…I’ve already paid for two projects, without sucess to receive the work back to me or the money. Well…the second one (game + website) still didn’t know if I got spammed or not (sorry to acaaas if I’m wrong). Hope get it done, is close to the dayline.

So there’s goes, I think some freelancer websites are to much unprotected for the employer and freelancers to be sure if the project/payment/files are secure or not.

So… I want to create an freelancer website with the mycroburst aspects (GUI) I just need to have everything what freelancer have…the system payment like: Milestones and payment betowen freelancer/employer doesn’t exist. The employer that open project, make the project paying for it like does on then, the administration team have the control of the money, if the projects get sucessfully completed the freelancer get the money, and the employer the project.

What I am saying is. I want every genre of projects that exist on, with the system payment like, so…You just need to create the payment that send to the company bank account, and there we work and wait to the work get finished or not, the payment of the company to the freelancer, is sent by us trough paypal, transfer or anything else.

So it’s quite simple, you do what is needed, the design, bids, contests,profiles, exams (You make section to I insert all questions and answers),invite friend, facebook conection plugin, freelancer list,ads,contacts etc. All like freelancer, I preffer better design quallity and clean (not confused, and professional) but with the same contests/projects GUI.

Also the feedback of each employer/freelancer included.

So, check &

I don’t know wich knowledge is needed to construct this, but I will acept the recommended person with many feedbacks (trusted member) that make a bid on Budget.

ATTENTION: News freelancers will be not acepted, so don’t waste your bid.

So it’s this: plugins/API’s:

Facebook: Login/Like button
Bank transfer

All resumed, freelancer projects/contests aspect, system payment (never direct payment betowen employer/freelancer) to them have the secure they will have sucess on their projects!

Best regards & Good bid’s, Kelfren Souza

Periods: 15 September 2012 – 22 September 2012
Jobs: .NET, eCommerce, MySQL, PHP, Website Design
Budget: $200 – $500
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