Game server TCAdmin wordpress php ecommerce whmcs integration

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Game server TCAdmin wordpress php ecommerce whmcs integration

gamer server company needs a website that will

- Allow customers to sign up and pay for game server rental and voice services on a month to month basis, a three month basis, a six month basis and yearly basis

- Allow users to login into their account and manage their game server through TCAdmin. The website must be fully integrated with TCAdmin

- Utilize a trouble ticket system that will be used to address any issues customers may have.

- Allow customers to make changes to their existing services once they have logged in as well.

Ordering game servers and voice servers/canceling services

- Once a customer orders service, the staff will be notified via email. The staff will then manually setup the customers game server and voice services. After this has been completed we will then notify the customer via email. They will then be able to log into their account via our website and setup their server through TCAdmin.

- Customers will be able to pay via paypal, credit card or check/money order.

- On the order page their needs to be spot for customers to in a promotion code ***Existing customers will also be able to use promotion codes when ordering continued service. For existing customers, they will need to login into their account and go to their account admin page and when they order continued service they can utilize a promotion code.***

Staff Administration Pages

- The admin staff will need to page that will list all current customers, the terms of their service i.e. how many slot server they have rented, game type, voice services if any and if it is month to month rental, 3 month rental etc…The admin and staff will need to manually add the customers server and voice i.p. address information

- The admin staff will need a page that lists all customers who service will expire on that day. For instance, if a customer chooses to pay for service on a month to month basis and they started service on 19/08/2012, then on 19/10/2012 their name will show on the list as deliquent. The admin staff can then disable their service by clicking a button. ***Note*** When service is disabled by clicking the button the webpage will work through TCAdmin to disable service.If the customer chooses to continue service with our company, they will then need to login and pay for another month of service.

- For each account there needs to be a section where the admin staff can include notes about the account.

Trouble ticket system

- What we will need is a system that will allow users to submit a trouble ticket. They will automatically be sent a confirmation email with a trouble ticket number. The staff should somehow be able to view all outstanding trouble tickets. Once the job for the trouble ticket has been complete it will be removed from the list.

The approximate number of pages

- Home page

- Ordering page

- Contact page (for trouble tickets)

- Customer login page

- Customer TCadmin page

- customer service editing page

- Trouble ticket list (viewable by only staff members)

- Staff Admin page(s)

- We would like thi project complete within 5-7 time of bid acceptance

- We would like a design that looks similar to this website. >><<

- Upon project completion we will own the rights to all webpages, content and coding.

- we understand that the all bidders are profesionals and have more than likely worked on similar projects i.e. shopping carts and trouble ticket systems. It is acceptable to use previously built systems into this project versus building them from scratch.

Periods: 24 August 2012 – 31 August 2012
Jobs: eCommerce, PHP, Website Design, WordPress
Budget: $150 – $300
Bid on this project

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