GPS Shopping APP 2

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GPS Shopping APP 2

We need a developer that has extensive experience with GPS Apps with shopping apps. We will need to see solid samples. Freelancers without at least 15 previous positive reviews, DO NOT APPLY.

Contractor Requirements:
-Contractor must possess an engaging profile and portfolio of previously completed mobile applications for both the iOS and Android platforms. References of previous clients is required.
- The contractor must have experience in Android & iOS application development, Android & iOS SDK and APIs, Java, C, and C++., and social media plug-ins.
-The contractor should have history of or have also built application(s) involving
cellular triangulation or GPS.
- The contractor should have experience with large data sets and various data
formats (XML, KML, CSV), web services and APIs.
- The contractor must possess the ability to integrate the data sets of the mobile application with the desktop website to create a consistent and parallel experience for users.
-Posses outstanding graphic design capabilities. A sleek, visually appealing user interface is paramount for the success of the application. We will also require an App Icon as well as other custom icons created.
- All source code and keys to external sources used and required to run the application and download the application will be the property of the us
-Contractor must be able to work diligently and have daily completion goals.
-Contractor must possess a high degree of fluency in English.
- Contractor must have the ability to define concrete milestones and deliver in a precise and consistent manner.
- The contractor will provide an unconditional service warranty to insure that the application is error free, accessible by the community, and meets the design standards for one year from the date of its public release.
-The period during which the services described herein will be performed will start upon award of the contract.
-The contractor shall make the final version of the Android application available to the public for free download via the Android & Apple marketplace. The contractor will also make the application available for free download via our website.

Periods: 29 August 2012 – 5 September 2012
Jobs: iPad, iPhone, Mobile Phone, Website Design, Website Testing
Budget: $1500 – $3000
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