Graphic designers apply – Website Design – unique layout and design required. Not technical, minimal coding.

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Graphic designers apply – Website Design – unique layout and design required. Not technical, minimal coding.

I am looking to create a user generated content site. This site will comprise of personal sport videos being uploaded by users and other users being able to view and comment on the videos. I want a modern minimalist style applied with hover or catchy effects so it captures the audience.

I want to take a different approach to webpage design and have a site that is presented in a size bigger than 1024×768. Wide rather than tall and skinny. I want the main pages to be completely viewable with minimal scrolling down.

I want 5 pages designed with effects that stand out:
- Homepage – this page will have 9 small images with hover over effects, A video from youtube linked and able to play and a join/register button that enables users to join. Some small text will be added and a website navigation bar. Social media links such as facebook twitter, youtube to be included.
- Categories Page with brand logo images visually viewable (some additional data to appear next to the brand image when mouse hovers over logo) This page will have 50+ images all of 140 x 90 and therefore will need to be managed so its on one page. I prefer to click on a category and the available brands appear about 16 per category.
- Product page (1 large image 1400 x 730) with 3 smaller sections 500x 350) 2 of these are images and one is text. I require image mapping on the large image with a highlighting hover effect when the mouse runs over that mapped section of the image.
- A page where videos will appear. One main video and a number of smaller videos that users can browse through and click and watch. (appear like youtube layout) This will also include a comment section under the video.
- a generic webpage template applying the same theme as the above designs but with the ability to change the title. This page will be copied for a About page, Contact us page, whats new, etc and therefore is not required to be overly detailed like the above.

If happy with the design, look and feel I will want additional features added to the site which requires coding (user database features for Videos)

As stated this is a design project (phase 1) and not so much involved in the technical coding aspects of user databases. Technical aspects are Phase 2.

Additional Project Description:

10/14/2012 at 0:50 EDT:
I have all images and text ready to go – so this is purely layout and making it look nice. I have attached my mock up designs. This is purely to show what the images look like so you can create a design of that

Periods: 14 October 2012 – 21 October 2012
Jobs: Graphic Design, User Interface / IA, Website Design
Budget: $30 – $250
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