Marketing Measurement Tool in the Cloud

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Marketing Measurement Tool in the Cloud

Build a cloud based Marketing Measurement Tool:

We already have a mock-up design of the tool and well as the SQL code that allows for calculation of metrics.
The UI information will be shared per request with the selected Freelancers.
The code will be shared upon the begging of the project with selected Freelancer.

Tool requirements:
This tool needs to operate in the cloud as a web service with no need for user to upload any components on their machines.
Tool will be accessed from the link on out Website.

We will be running this project in 6 phases to maintain maximum control over the deliverable schedule
P1. Deliver the database design and set-up with mocked up data (in tables) for the tool to operate upon it (10% of the payment)
P2. Deliver the ability to process the data from the web user interface input form. Verify that its collected and calculated within the database as per requirements. We will provide part of the code (SQL) that is needed to speed up this step. All you will have to do is translate the code into whatever database tool you recommend for the system and design the input forms (10% of the payment)
P3. Deliver the user interface capabilities based on Analytics API (we can discuss different options). This will allow user to view the data in a Analytics/Dashboard type interface (10% of the payment)
P4. Implement the user administration capability – Will allow user to modify certain views in their tool (10% of the payment)
P5. Implement the back-end administration capability – Will allow for full control over the User Interface and data processing such as file uploads (10% of the payment)
P6. Deployment and testing of the system needs to be done and approved (Remaining 50% of the payment)

Interested in this project? Please provide list of project similar to this one for our review. Also type “indielytics” in the subject line of your bid.

Thank you for bidding!

Periods: 15 November 2012 – 22 November 2012
Jobs: Hadoop, Map Reduce, MySQL, PHP, User Interface / IA
Budget: $1500 – $3000
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