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If you visit then you will find a software called Khanum 6.2 which is combination of MS Access and VB. We run a money transfer business and want this software to increase efficiency of my business and run things with more ease. The demo version of that application of which exact clone i want is available on that website. I don’t mind if you can design more simple than this. I need some limited options to be there, don’t want to make it complicated. I have described few ideas what i want in below;

1. I want to assign pin number (transaction id) both manually and auto. They called it transaction id in Khanum 6.2
2. I dont want any complaints options. you can remove it.
3. I want to list all banks (collection points) by their city and branch address. so that during transaction i can select them from the list. First i will select city and then bank and then location. they should appear automatically when i select them individually. such as: if i select city London then it will show me what banks i have in this list, and then i will select bank and then location of branch.
4. When any customer comes I will create database for him and it should be appeared next time when i search by his name, post code, address, or phone number. I will also add any documents under the name as proof of id.
5. I should be able to edit rates, customer records and add any records.
6. Our shop name , address, phone should be on the receipt. there should be two receipts on the same page. one for cusomer and one for us.
7. I dont need any xtra tools. you can delete utilities or things to do etc. these are not necessary.
8. I do send money as bank transfer and instant. It should have both tools.

if you need more details please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you

Periods: 26 July 2012 – 27 July 2012
Jobs: Microsoft Access, Visual Basic
Budget: $20 – $150
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