morgan, design relative simple website

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morgan, design relative simple website

I am building a very very little app (code name Morgan).
It is suppose to be "the most noisiest secretary of the web", it is a TODO that will send you A LOT of email about everywhere you can get some, and I mean in all your email account, in your facebook, (maybe in your twitter, I don’t have check yet the API that are just changed) and by sms, all in order to avoid that you will forget something important (re-new your license, anniversary of your girlfriend(s)/boyfriend(s), Christmas, and whatever).
After that I want to expand it, so you can be sure that your friends will remember that you are gonna have a *big/super important* lunch together, or your dad’s boss can be sure that your dad is gonna bring that *vital* work in the office tomorrow and your girlfriend will be sure that you are not going to forget that romantic dinner you promise her exactly the same day of the epic CoD LAN war organized at the *big/super important* lunch.

Now the bad part:
The service is build in clojure (you can think at it like scala, or like another way to write java, it work on the JVM) and right now to render (I am really not rendering anything, but…) the page I am using hiccup we can definitely change hiccup while clojure will still.
However we won’t have so much choice changing the render engine.
Anyway you will need a little bit of programming knowledge, just a little bit really.

What I need:
I need a css for the website, and I need somebody to work in the graphics, I have a little mockup in my mind that could be fine, but I will trust you in any choice.
I will also need a logo (cartoon-Japanese-big boobs-secretary) it is now in my mind, the logo however is the less important part.

What I will pay:
I don’t have money ("Of course nobody has, don’t they ?" you will say) but I know what it means work in this field.
I am so going to make you a weird offert:
Few money, definitely less than what your work worth, at the end of the work +
The whole profit of one months as soon as the service will hit more than 500 $ monthly PROFIT (what I gain – what I spend to run the server and stuff) +
The 5% PROFIT of the first year.
Be careful we need to consider that I may don’t have any profit from that (and with any I mean that I might lost money just running the server), in that case you would get only what you already have.
Also consider that we can change the 500 $ edge, in more or less, it is your risk, 500 $ sound like reasonable to me, but of course…
Please also consider that I deserve the right to shut everything at my own discretion.
I am definitely open to contraction…

A basic version of the app is already running (openshift is hosting me) it has the very basic feature, register, login, logout, new task, send email. But you need to consider that it is less than one week I am working on it.

I hope to have catch your attention.


Simone Mosciatti

PS I am Italian, my English is not that good but if have read so far it means that we can understand each other ;-)

Periods: 23 August 2012 – 30 August 2012
Jobs: Graphic Design
Budget: $250 – $750
Bid on this project

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