Need a Wine/Spirits Logo Designed – Possible branding and web work to follow.

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Need a Wine/Spirits Logo Designed – Possible branding and web work to follow.

Hello all,

Our team is a small wine/spirit based distillery and we are looking for 2 logos to be designed; one for our corporate logo (Silas Piper Spirits LLC) and one for our wine based spirit called "Wine Grenade".

We are thinking something very simple for our Corporate Logo; a classy S and P combined together.

For the "Wine Grenade" we are looking for something a little more flashy. Currently our idea is a grenade in purple with the pin and spoon flying off ( terminology for the ring and the clasp on a grenade) and the side blowing out into text in a showering manner that says "Wine Grenade". We are based out of Sonoma CA so something that relates it back CA would be awesome (we were thinking maybe an outline of the state behind our corporate logo)

Besides that, its pretty open for creative input. We’ll be putting together a website soon so if you’re a web designer too it might make sense for us to work out a job for that.

I’ve included a simple picture of a grenade that I feel like is a good start but we are wine makers here and don’t know much about design so we are looking for your professional opinions.

Ed and Jack

Periods: 21 August 2012 – 28 August 2012
Jobs: Graphic Design, Logo Design, Website Design
Budget: $250 – $750
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