Need software similar to or but with features for organizations

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Need software similar to or but with features for organizations

I am looking for a site very similar to or The main difference is that this will not be a public site for anyone to create events, but rather will include functionality to allow organizations (in this case, churches) to set up accounts and manage all of their events and projects in one place. Use the two sites above as a basis for general functionality.

In terms of specific features:
- Someone will create an account on behalf of an organization. Email verification will be required. This person will be the administrator for the organization.
- The administrator should be able to create "publishers" which are user accounts which have the authority to post events.
- The administrator should be able to "promote" other users to the role of "publisher"
- Individual users will have the ability to sign up for an account to volunteer or rsvp, but this would not be required.
- A calendar view will be created for each organization which allows them to promote all of their events
- There will be different categories of events. Initially, these will include "Events" and "Projects"
- Custom URLs should be created (subdomain) for each organization (i.e.
- Users should be able to "subscribe" to be notified of all future events
- In addition to standard reminders (see the above sites), Admins and Publishers should be able to send custom notes for a specific event, and should be able to choose who receives the notice (all invites, or just specific responses)
- Design/Graphics – This doesn’t have to be perfect in terms of web design, but I would like to look good. I can always have a designer make it look better, but we are looking for some simple design work in this project. If you have examples of design work which is good, you may receive preferential treatment.

- This must be developed in PHP/mySQL. I would prefer greatly that it be developed in phpCake. Plese confirm in your proposal whether you will develop in phpCake
- AJAX, jQuery and other visually appealing design elements are a good thing.

Periods: 30 September 2012 – 7 October 2012
Jobs: AJAX, CakePHP, jQuery / Prototype, MySQL, PHP
Budget: $250 – $750
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