Product Designer and Order Application

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Product Designer and Order Application

We are looking for a developer to create a web application to allow customers to upload/edit photos, render a product design proof online and order through an open source CMS / eCommerce solution.

We need the following functionality implemented:

1. User signup & account creation
2. Upload images or import from social networks
3. Change view of images from thumbnail to “dock Gallery” style
4. On image selection, load “Aviary” image editing web widget (
5. Render edited or uploaded image in 3D (Cylinder)
6. Identify low resolution images unsuitable for printing and advise user
7. Allow users to order and Check Out via online payment methods
8. Integrate shipping information for pricing on checkout (API’s provided)
9. Record customer order and save file/s in open source CMS (Drupal/Joomla/Wordpress?)
10. Automatically email Invoice and Design Proof to customer, including shipping tracking info (from shipping API)
11. Automatically email Purchase Order, Design Proof, Link to design file and Consignment Note to Manufacturer
12. Automatically email all information to Administrator
Contractor requirements

Note: Application must be mobile compatible (No Flash)
Application must also be embeddable into existing web page

We’re looking for a long-term contractor to develop and maintain this application. In the future we would like to build on this application to become a platform for other companies to use.

The ideal developer has:

1. Successfully developed web applications integrating 3rd party API’s
2. Strong experience in general website development
3. Is familiar with exporting data (invoices/PO’s etc) in PDF Form format
4. Experience rendering 3d from flat image (3D Cylinder)
4. Has great organizational and time-management skills to get work done on schedule

How to apply

Please respond with a cover letter that includes the following:

1. Your experience against the requirements listed above, including examples of past work
2. A brief summary of your understanding of this project
3. The way you would think about working on this project

About our company

Our company is an Australian based promotional products company specialising in drink coolers.

We would like this project to provide an automated, simple and user friendly design and order management tool to allow users to design their product/s, preview in 3D and order seamlessly.

Periods: 6 August 2012 – 13 August 2012
Jobs: eCommerce, HTML, PHP, Shopping Carts, Website Design
Budget: $250 – $750
Bid on this project

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