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PTC Website


I’d like to start my own ptc website. My target is to have a good one like [ or] with all its features new logos and a nice design. My target is not to scam people.

It must have
1. Instant Payment(Paypal/Alertpay)
2. Rent referalls
3. Geographic Ads
4. PTS section
5. Automatic upgrades/Referalls purchase.
6. Dedicated Advertiser section
7. Better Security
8. Automatic cheat/bot detection.
9. I’d like to change currency € or $
10. Must be fully protective from SQL injections
11. Block Proxies
12. 1 account per user ( I want that users won’t try to cheat by creating multiple accounts)

Its has to be the most powerful and feature rich PTC.

If there is anything that I am missing, I appriciate if you tell me.

Periods: 20 July 2012 – 27 July 2012
Jobs: Advertising, Internet Marketing, Paypal API, SEM / Adwords, SEO
Budget: $250 – $750
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