Quick coding fix needed on my website SMARTY PHP expert

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Quick coding fix needed on my website SMARTY PHP expert

I need someone familiar with Smarty PHP.

Okay basically I have noticed a problem with the “proceed” button on my website in the shopping cart and I need this to be fixed.
Basically on my website (printing) company, when a customer adds a product to the cart, he/she can either upload their own artwork, or get the design job done by us. For every product there is a corresponding price for the artwork.

If the customer uploads artwork, then they should not get charged the artwork design charge, if however they click “I require artwork”, then the price should get updated in the cart.

Well for some reason, whenever you click proceed button it automatically adds the design charge onto the product, even if you didn’t select the ” I require artwork” option.

For example please see this:

This product is worth £65:

However when you click the proceed button:

the price goes to £140 (as the design charge was £75 for that product).

This is because it has automatically added the artwork design charge. This should only be added when the customer clicks “I require artwork” and actually types something in the box.

If the customer uploads artwork, then there the total price should be the cost of the product. I.e. £65

However if the customer selects “I require artwork” and types information in the box, ONLY then should the design charge be added.

Please let me know if you can fix this. I have a few more other coding jobs to be done, however these will be done as separate projects. this is a very small project, Max budget $30, as I need a full time coder, and this project will allow me to see who is best suited for this job. Therefore although this project is very small, if you have done this job properly, I will be giving you plenty more jobs.

Please read everything before bidding. Please reply by stating “interested2012″.



Periods: 15 August 2012 – 22 August 2012
Jobs: HTML, Javascript, MySQL, PHP, Website Design
Budget: $30 – $250
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