Real Estate Website (Multiple Listing Search) For a Realtor

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Real Estate Website (Multiple Listing Search) For a Realtor

This website is going to be a search engine for all real estate properties in Vancouver, West Vancouver, North Vancouver & other cities in BC, Canada. Current site is, I need to redo this website with same and more functionalities with search engine optimization. **Note** This is not E-commerce site. Potential clients will not be buying and selling over this website. It should be Dynamic, Database driven website.

Domain Name: Also, open for any suggestions.

Purpose: To generate leads and to educate potential buyer and sellers about real estate services & industry(In order to increase the traffic and maintain it via video).

Target audience: Second time, First time buyers from $ 350,000 purchase of real estate to million dollars purchases. Sellers, Investors, info seekers,etc.

Design: Elegant (Does not have to be flash site), User friendly, Should have Rich keyword text which will help SEO.(All other details will be provided)

Navigation: Need only one or two click to provide info what the client is looking for.

Content: Good quality content to attract potential buyers and sellers to browse, read and learn. They can educate themselves and find themselves trusting me and my market. Things like interesting & useful articles, tips and how-to’s is a great way to position myself as a trustworthy expert.

***A great “Call To Action”, open for suggestions!***

Copywriting: You should be a great professional web copywriter. I don’t have to define this

Interactive Elements: Live Chat option, I will be launching useful video for potential clients.

Graphics & Images: It has to look professional and polished. Don’t have a logo as of today but will be working on soon.

Updates & Maintenance: I will discuss later!

Layout: I will provide later!

Samples & Examples: I will provide later


We will provide you all the keywords from our experience but we would expect you to help us as well.

You should be doing on-page & off page optimization, putting links , articles etc. while working on each page of the web. I will not be paying any extra amount to have done it separately.

What I want:

1: Go to my site–move your mouse over properties, Don’t Click!—under drop down menu, you will see ubc condos, kitsilano homes. Just pick a property address, any address and type in google search. You will see several realtors with this address. That is exactly what I want with every subdivisions in Vancouver and surrounding areas. I have listing source so it will not be a problem to import these listings under each subdivision’s name. I want to be on the top of the first page of GOOGLE.CA

2: User friendly Mobile Version, Ipad version for this website.

3: I want this website to appear on facebook,(Ask me for the details, Seriously do ask me!)

I can talk to you on Skype but PLEASE do read all the requirements first then book an appointment & be prepared for the meeting. Don’t ask me about this project’s details before or during the meeting.

Periods: 12 August 2012 – 19 August 2012
Jobs: Graphic Design, HTML, PHP, SEO, Website Design
Budget: $200 – $800
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