Simple email viewer from web

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Simple email viewer from web

Simple email viewer from web

Read emails from a directory, post these emails on the web site so users can use browser to check their emails and deliver emails to their POP3 / SMTP email server. The user can also get and see emails from his/her POP3 / SMTP mail server using a web browser, similar to, but just viewing only.

Each email in the shared directory is stored as an eml file and the Time, From, Subject fields will be saved into database. When an user logs into the website, this user can see all his/hers received emails with Time, From, Subject, and have the option to delete or deliver email to the mail server so the whole email’s content can be viewed with mail client such as Outlook, sample screen (email-web-display.jpg).

Functions include:
1.Create a web site and manager users’ web accounts: administrator can create/edit/disable/delete web user accounts or reset the user’ password, and can see each user’s current email count in database.
2.Retrieve emails in eml format from a shared directory (f:in-mail), store each email’s Date, From, Subject in a web database. Move the eml file to a separate mail directory ( f:saved-mail)to keep the shared directory clean.
3.When an user login, the system will display the user’s received emails, and let user delete or deliver the whole email to the user’s mailbox so the user can see the mail content including the attachment using mail clients such as Outlook, etc. Sample screen attached ( email-web-display.jpg).
4.Everyday, at the definable time, for example, 3:00PM, the web site will send an email status report containing all mails received in that day to each user’s Outlook mailbox. The email entry in this report will include email TIme, From and Subject. The local user can deliver this email from the web to the local machine’s Outlook. Sample screen attached (email-summary-outlook.jpg).
5.The web will only keep email information and files from the directory for 14 days, after that they will be deleted.
6.The user can also retrieve emails from his/her POP3 or SMTP mail server using web browser, similar to, but just view mail only, no editing , forward / reply required. (email-2-web.jpg).

Using, ASP 2.0 and MS SQL Express 2008. Source codes are required. Project must be done in 2 weeks after it’s awarded. Freelancer must have done SMTP web email projects in the past. We don’t wish to work with someone who hasn’t developed similar program before. Please send demo for consideration.

Funds will be placed in milestone. 20% will be released after completion of the project design with screen shot provided, 40% will be released after coding and testing finished, the rest of 40% will be released after source codes and database are delivered.

Periods: 13 August 2012 – 20 August 2012
Jobs: .NET, ASP, MySQL, Visual Basic
Budget: $250 – $750
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