Site upgrade, Redesign, Social network, & maintenance ongoing

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Site upgrade, Redesign, Social network, & maintenance ongoing

Hello all,

My Partner and I currently run the site

We are about to move forward into the next dimension with this website and need a team of joomla experts to come aboard as our development team.

I have done the design, and all the implementation on this site since it started in April 2011, but we are now going beyond my capabilities. I need a joomla specialized firm that will work with me on initial site redesign, as well as work further in any development needs that may arise. When I need your help, you need to be ready to work. We will be getting investment capital in the near term (hopefully), and will be looking to invest in the development of this site.

My initial requirements are the following:

upgrade to joomla 2.5 and ensure all site functionality works.

clean up any code that doesn’t work with joomla 2.5

full site redesign so that it flows better, and gives a better user experience.

The redesign of the site layout must also allow for lots of advertising space, must have beautiful animation, and keep the users attention.

Integrate a social network plugin ( has one i like, which i will buy. There’s also JomSocial as well but i haven’t done too much research on that one yet)

Integrate that social network plugin into the current functionality of the site (i.e. allow users who upload photos to their profiles to mark them to be included in the photo battles on the site, etc..)

Need to set up a points system for user profiles. If they add videos to their profiles, they earn a certain amount of points, if they add pictures to their profiles, they earn a certain amount of points, if they converse with other users over social network chat, they earn a certain amount of points.

Based on these points, i want to highlight certain user profiles almost like banners on the pages. These users will be trying to earn points so that their profiles are highlighted in these spaces.

If the social media plugin that we buy to integrate into the site doesn’t have a user chat functionality, we will need to build one into the site.

Possible webcam integration.

I need a team that has a deep understanding of the english language so that there are no language barriers when I try to convey what i need done.

There will be more work as time goes on. I will need a team that will be ready and waiting to take on tasks.

Please write me a PM with what you can do for me in the short term and why I should pick you for the long term. If you just send me your list of other sites you’ve done and do not personally address me, i probably will not respond. I need a team i can talk to.

I am an engineer myself, but just not a developer. I’m a Principal SQA Engineer, so I know how to test quality into a product. Make no mistake, this site will be a product.

I can write up a specification for the changes I need if necessary. Site redesign would have to be done against 5 currently active sites.

Work after this project will continue… You will be my team of developers for as long as I see that you are competent enough for the tasks.

Periods: 17 August 2012 – 24 August 2012
Jobs: Graphic Design, Joomla, MySQL, PHP, Website Design
Budget: $100 – $5000
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