Small e-commerce website (C# from scratch) + design without any electronic payment

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Small e-commerce website (C# from scratch) + design without any electronic payment

The required from developer is new design and build website from scratch using C#.

Anonymous Pages:-
1. Home page: contains (
1. Contents
2. Top rated pictures (Show 5 Pictures) with sliding
3. Just added picture (Show 3 Pictures) with sliding
4. Our selection
5. Display message + image for public for specific period of time. (Announcement)
6. Offer box “displays product picture with description and discount rate”).
7. Sliding featured picture + title and description.
8. Follow us twitter Icon and Facebook.
9. A place for out Moto “Inside Pretty As Outside” and for Arabic version will provided when site in Arabic is ready.
2. Product page: each category contains a page. eg: Party Cake (Page) , Premium Cake (Page) ..etc and user should access all product categories from main menu. Each product title should contain an icon.. eg.

3. Product details: shows products (each product contains description, price, facebook share button, twitter share button, comment button and Add To Cart button). “Note: cart should appear always to customer with items with the ability to manage items in it”
4. Contact Us: contains contact us details and send email form. When Customer clicks on the product picture a popup should appear with a bigger size product picture with approved customer comments.
5. Our Location page: contains Google map with our shop location and our shop picture.
6. Anonymous user can add multi products to cart and input his contact details when they do checkout (details will be saved to our db and admin can follow-up in follow-up page + notification will be send to our email) Customer will not pay online.
7. Website should in two languages (Eng. /AR) Arabic content will be provided from our side.

Admin function:-
1. Add product category
2. Add products to a category and thump picture should be displayed to product page and a full size picture should be displayed when customer clicks on the picture, also option to share in Facebook and Twitter when add product completed. 3. Change home page sliding featured picture + title and description.
5. List comments assorted by not approved. (Admin should approve comment to be shows for public)
6. Active/deactivate products & product category.
7. Change received order status to in progress, completed, and canceled.
8. All features fields should be in two language (Eng,Ar) to take effect for both site language.

Also about the new design, I want a very nice and attractive design. Company name + logo + preferred colors are already has been chosen. Here is the existing website

Important: I want the developer to be flexible if I change or add any features (of course will not be a major change).

In case you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Periods: 5 November 2012 – 12 November 2012
Jobs: ASP, C# Programming, Graphic Design, HTML, Website Design
Budget: $750 – $1500
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