Solid Goodness Logo

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Solid Goodness Logo

Design a logo for Solid Goodness healthy snack bars (image attached):

‘Imagine solid goodness … A raw organic treat made with seeds, nuts, fresh dates and covered in 70% cocoa chocolate – designed to meet your nutritional needs and taste delicious.
Oh, and it’s wheat, dairy, refined sugar & guilt free!’

Below is an online questionnaire I’ve found to help guide me in the design process. I hope it’s helpful, and please feel free to change/suggest other ideas

1.How would you describe your company/business to someone who has no knowledge of your existence?
Solid Goodness was born from the idea that people lead much happier lives when they feel strong and healthy. The owner is a successful weight loss story and wants to inspire others to start thinking about their nutrition and feel and look better as a result of their food choices. She plans to expand in the future to offer other food products, recipes, weight loss consulting and just help others achieve their best health and fitness levels.

2.Describe your target market, gender, age, geography.
Health conscious consumers, fitness enthusiasts, foodies, mums wanting to give their kids healthy treats
Both male and female
People in their 30’s & 40’s and their kids
Business will start in Tasmania Australia and expand nationally

3.Will the logo be used in print, online, signs or other materials? What are the immediate plans for logo usage?
Immediate (3 days): product sticker labels, business cards, brochure (DL)
Next: Facebook page, website,
Later: letterhead, banner, car stickers

4.What do you want your new logo to communicate about your company or products?
Raw, natural, wholesomeness, high quality, organic, best ingredients
Exclusive, only the best for the most discerning cunsumer

5.Do you have any particular point of emphasis you want to see in the design?
The brand name

6.Do you have any preconceived ideas about the design of your logo? (not sure, just some basic ideas that haven’t clicked yet!)
a.Bar of gold resemblance with brand name etched in it? (solid gold)
b.Wooden background with dark ink stamp with the brand name?
c.Brand name with an icon (strong, solid animal or tree or natural solid ingredient?)

7.Are there any images or concepts you DO NOT want to see?
Nothing childish or too girlie, no characters

8.How many colors would you like used in your logo? List your color preference if you have any.
Warm tones of yellow with black or
Orange with black or
Golden with black or
Nature’s autumn colours

9.Do you prefer icon based logo or text based logo or combination of the two?
Either a text based or combination

Please bid only if you can send a concept within 3 days.

Periods: 11 August 2012 – 18 August 2012
Jobs: Graphic Design, Logo Design
Budget: $30 – $250
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