Update HTML Documentation for Geosonix Music App & Create Examples

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Update HTML Documentation for Geosonix Music App & Create Examples

I need a contractor to update the documentation for GeoSonix, my open source graphical music sequencer.

My website is here: www.geosonix.com .

You can download and try the previous version of GeoSonix 0.83 from: bitbucket.org/chrisgr99/geosonixdownloads/downloads

The html based help/documentation for this version are available from the question mark button on the toolbar.

And the new version, GeoSonix 0.9 Beta from: https://bitbucket.org/chrisgr99/geosonix/downloads

The 0.9 version help, available from the purple question mark toolbar button, includes an addendum describing the (many) new features although not in a lot of detail.

What I need you to do is get familiar enough with GeoSonix to intelligently update the html based documentation to seamlessly integrate the changes and new features. I also need you to review the existing documentation for omissions, errors or things that aren’t as clear as they could be. As part of the project I’d like to have a updated improved text for the web site and the read me file. The best way to document some things will be to refer to example scripts and scores (see the software to understand what I mean by this. You will need to know basic JavaScript. Needless to say, you need to be fluent in English and be able to write at a level that is no more technical than necessary.

It’s important that you have some familiarity (and preferably enthusiasm about) electronic music as this is the essence of the project, and it’s important that the documentation be in a form that middle-level to advanced electronic music creators can relate to.

You will see that in the existing documentation I’ve started on a series of small example scripts that illustrate various features and I think it would be desirable to continue this approach where appropriate. There are also many more advanced examples scripts and scores illustrating techniques and complete compositions, that it may be desirable to refer to from the documentation as examples of various topics.

Also I’ve included testing in the list of responsibilities, although full scale testing is not needed. However you may encounter bugs as you work through documenting the features and you will need to alert me to them with a description of the cause and behavior of the problem so that I can deal with it.

The software is cross platform Mac/Win, the beta is currently Mac only so you will need to work on a Mac with OS X 10.6 or above.

You may be wondering why I’m hiring a writer on a free open source project. The answer is that I can afford to hire a writer and I like writing code more than I like writing documentation. :) I also think that someone who did not carry out the original design & development would better document it. However I will be readily available on email & Skype to discuss and explain things as needed.

I’ve set a budget of up to $1,500 but I don’t really know if this is enough. I’m open to comments on approaches and what you might do for various levels of budget. The contract won’t necessarily go to the lowest bidder, but to the person who I am convinced will produce an excellent product at a fair price.

The schedule is somewhat flexible. Version 0.9 is almost ready to release so I’d like to have the documentation as soon as possible, but I’m flexible on this. The job might be done in a series of stages allowing me to release with limited documentation and gradually improve it. GeoSonix includes a “web help” facility (the purple “question mark with arrow” button in the toolbar. This allows in-app documentation to be updated on the fly by putting it on my web site. Users are informed of the availability of updated documentation, tutorials or other news when the web help button changes to an orange background.

If I am happy with your work there may be a continuing series of other projects, as I would like to have more tutorials written, and even instructional videos (if that is in your range of skills).

Periods: 18 August 2012 – 25 August 2012
Jobs: Graphic Design, Javascript, Music, Technical Writing, Testing / QA
Budget: $750 – $1500
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