Upgrade of existing website

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Upgrade of existing website

I am looking for a new attractive web design to change the looks of my existing website —- GREENTURN.CO.UK.

I will select the designer who would show me the right professional template design before starting the project ‘relevant to my website’.

Current website is built in Dreamweaver. I want to be able to amend the contents, pictures, advertisements etc on the new website therefore I believe JOOMLA integration is needed and perhaps website will now be rebuilt in PHP technology. However I am flexible for you to select either Dreamweaver (Web development) and integration with JOOMLA or PHP (Web development) and integration with JOOMLA!!!

I hired someone else who has already set up the JOOMLA integration, new Admin panel, Login / register database etc but couldn’t finish off the website template therefore I want you to build the website template and then integrate your website template with the JOOMLA work which previous designer has left unfinished. You can see what I asked him to do in the folliwing link to get an understanding of JOOMLA work and to assess his progress to date.


The previous designer has already done some work on the new template with Joomla database to replace GREENTURN.CO.UK website, please refer to website http://www.aptitude-test.co.uk/ I assume you will either update his Joomla Admin work or use his work in some way constructively to update GREENTURN.CO.UK site in the end.

Scope of your work
a. Build a website template (including professional icons / pictures) to replace the existing GREENTURN.CO.UK website as per my satisfaction and instructions

b. Integrate and update JOOMLA Admin panel with your template and complete any outstanding work from the previous developer http://www.freelancer.com/projects/PHP-Website-Design/PHP-website-template-register-form.html

c. As a starting point refer to the front page http://www.aptitude-test.co.uk/. Front page layout needs to be amended. You will give me suggestion to update Logo and rest of the front page design. I like the idea of two menu bars as shown per http://www.aptitude-test.co.uk/ and also the main page video. My suggestion for front page layout is perhaps something like this page http://www.reevoo.com/

Roughly for an idea I want to be able to advertise on the right hand side of the web page, refer to following pages; http://www.assessmentday.co.uk/aptitudetests_numerical.htm or http://www.liveperson.com/products-services

d. I like the bottom layout of the page http://www.aptitude-test.co.uk/ underneath “Follow Us”– you will make all these links workable and tidy up etc

e. For About us page I want to have a Colourfull scrolling bar on the right hand side of the webpage as shown on this website http://www.assessmentday.co.uk/psychometric-test.htm on the “ABOUT US PAGE”

f. Mostly our website template will follow webpage format of this website http://www.assessmentday.co.uk/aptitudetests_numerical.htm
I want you to tell me how best to display pages like “Our Services” http://www.greenturn.co.uk/assessment-day/assessment-centre-practice.html

g. I want to trace what pages viewed and other statistics of the website — you will incorporate google analytics etc

h. Green Turn website needs to be compatible with all the famous web browsers and you will ensure that

i. Once you have completed the whole website development and transition to new website afterwards you will explain to me that how will I be able to make following changes in the final Admin Panel in future:

1. Add/ View / Edit / Delete all the web pages based on the templates you would create
2. Changes in the Content Management system – URL, Meta Tag, page keyword, description, content insertion e.g edit text, images & advertisement boxes on every page easily

Show me MOCK of the template and your understanding of my project, thanks

Periods: 12 August 2012 – 19 August 2012
Jobs: Graphic Design, HTML, Joomla, PHP, Website Design
Budget: $30 – $250
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