URGENT – mycroburst.com clone (I want to select freelancer this weekend already!)

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URGENT – mycroburst.com clone (I want to select freelancer this weekend already!)

Do you can do this project on budget ?

I want mycroburst.com script, system…and create a way that can add more kinda of projects like there exist.

Projects for C++, PHP, etc…I would like that the project holders can open any kinda of projects. But, for me…the most IMPORTANT, is that I can show the project holders & freelancers, that the money and project files is ensured for both parties.

I think for web design/logos/etc this kinda of system results. But for programming languages, it’s a new way to prevent any spam from project holders or freelancers for both sides. That’s the main title for my website is: – Where You Are Secure -, to both parties understand that they will get what they want. It need to be studyed…to when the project holder start creating his project, he can select an

“Customized budget, simple project (price-price) etc etc like you can do there.

The payment system need to work in that way: Project holder create the project, and pay in exactly moment…without money he can’t start the project.

I could give examples, but if you just see when you post a project on mycroburst.com you will understand it. But I wont that it just be for web design, need to be for programmers too!

Look this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48VayVLzcL8 (It’s what I want, is this system! No direct payment through project holder – freelancer).

I am going to create my start up company…And I would like to know if you can help me in this project? I am paying my own money, I have no investment/help of any other party besides me.

I have now to add to my funds till 400eur (It’s my budget for your bid, with the fees of this website I think you get a bit less than it?!..so I hope someone can help me with this, will be a freelancer that I will always ask for new projects like this, updates or anything else if get my project done.)

Attention: I will not acept anyone with less than 20 good reviews/projects done.

Thanks, best regards.
Kelfren Souza

Periods: 22 September 2012 – 29 September 2012
Jobs: Graphic Design, HTML, MySQL, Script Install, Website Design
Budget: $200 – $400
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