website, admin system, user system WITHOUT DESIGN just coding

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website, admin system, user system WITHOUT DESIGN just coding

Hi there people, please read carefully!

Let me explain shortly now and if you’re interested you’ll let me know.

I want to make a new website of my company, I need you to create the system and only 2 pages: Only code, I’ll provide you the design!

the first page will be the main landing page of the website. On this page, you’ll see at top a menu bar (with simple effect) with 4 links (ABOUT US, SHOP, GALLERY AND CONTACT US)

For now I just need you to work on the landing page and the shop page.

At the landing page:

We will see the top menu bar, just one link will work! the shop one.
Also I need a system to create users with their own area into the shop link page.

In the landing page we will see a registration system to generate a new account (name, lastname, country, direction, phone number, email, username and password) when we send that info, we will recieve an email with a link to certificate the account, when they open the email link will take them to a congratulations page that redirect automaticly in 5 secs to the landing page again.

At the landing page will be to a log in area for registered users, when you put the password and username created before, it will take you directly to the SHOP page.

If you open shop page without log in in landing page should appear also a message to log in to see information at the shop page.

At the landing page we will see too a video palyer at top.

A twitter showing the twitts made by the company.

Some area info and the footbar with privacy policy etc.

NOW at the shop page:

When we log in, should appear here the top bar (of course allways)

And then the open area for shopping. It will be like the attached image, you will see an avatar that you can change, your name. and 3 buttons at first:

1 buttom will be (check previous buys)
if you click it, should appear bellow an info of the status of previous buys.

Status could be (completed) (delivering) or (waiting for aproval)

That status I need to change it on my administrator panel for each user buys. and when I change it they could see it in their personal logged area.

The other buttom its to (register code), ok let me explain, when you shop a logo, or a hoodie, or anything, it will take you to a second page, with a generated code of the buy, and also the respective buttoms to pay. and the ammount specific.

If you dont want to pay at that moment (paypal, mercadopago, or deposit) you can pay it later, if you pay it later like a deposit, then you can go to that register code bttom where you insert the previously generated code, the voucher number of deposit and the ammount, that’s the way to verify the payment!! and the administrator then can change te status of the product to completed, and later to delivering.

The 3rd buttom will be a contact buttom! so the user just need to insert the subject and the text. When they click send, as their connected to their log in area, the administrator will get with the message all the information of that id user too (name, subname, country, email, etc) so they dont need to write it!

And in the shop logged area also, at bottom we will see tehe posibilities of the buys:

Like a personalized hoodie area, and if you click buy will take you to another page with generated code, showing the hoodie selected, the ammount and the buttoms to pay pal for a hoodie. Becouse if in the shop area you select a logo creation, the redirected page of this shop info wont be the same buttoms of paypal of the hoodies. You know what I mean? should represent another ammount!!

And also if they dont pay at that moment via paypal, they should have in the check previous buys buttom, in each buys a buttom to pay!! so they can pay later too if they want!!

Also need this system in english and spanish. I can provide info in spanish. And some little stuff. Tell me if you can do this on this budget.
to know if you read all this please put at beggining of bid “QUE PASO EUGE”, happy bids!!

Periods: 17 August 2012 – 24 August 2012
Jobs: HTML, MySQL, PHP, Shopping Carts, Website Design
Budget: $300 – $450
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