Website redesign and development work

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Website redesign and development work

We are seeking someone to redesign a website that was recently built but the quality is poor. We are looking for someone who is very qualified. Communication and respecting milestones and deadlines are CRITICAL in this project. 

Max price has been set to 9999999 so we get real quotations. When a maximum price is defined it seems everyone bids to that amount.


The CURRENT website allows people to rent things, much like AirBnB (but not the same) with the following features:

- Browse rentals by location and category
– Search rentals by keyword
– Sort search results
– Toggle list view/ grid view
– Create a posting (specify product details, upload picture, specify category, specify rates, preview, post)
– Create a posting for a wanted rental (similar to above)
– Request a rental by date
– Respond to a wanted add
– Contact an owner
– Sign in
– Register
– Access dashboard to:
Edit profile
View/ Send messages
View summary of activity
Change password
– View static pages (about, terms, privacy, how it works, help etc…)
– Admin page with basic access to users, password resets, items, etc…

Built with Php, MySQL

The FINAL website should include the following. We would like someone to improve the current website or determine if it needs to just be started from scratch to add the following:
– Layout change for all pages – IMPORTANT: Full page responsive design
– Change of the call to action buttons (CSS buttons)
– Bring improvements to profile page
– Search results: Improve page (layout and functional improvements like: add info about owner, add results numbers, improve: breadcrumbs, social integration, filters, item information)
– Admin page: Improve, need sortable information on users, rentals, categories, better notifications when users do things like join, info on what people are searching for, user count per location, improved reporting, unique transaction and user numbers, access to user messages…)
– Main page improvement: Integrate IP geolocation and currency change
– Improve registration/ sign in pages: change layout, make simpler, change flow
– Payment process: this part is very important and will be tested thoroughly: need functionality to request user payment + deposit. After x days, payment is sent to the user, deposit is kept until transaction ended.
– Improve email notifications to users
– All forms: improve layout, add dynamic data validation, add tips when user clicks in a field, prompt if user is sure if they try to leave the page
– User dashboard: layout change, calendar implementation to specify when item is available, add summary page
– Rental listing page: improve layout, add number of views, add calendar of availabilities
– Custom page not found
– Custom icons
– Other as assigned

We are looking to establish a relationship with someone who works efficiently, communicates well and who will be able to produce good quality output in short iterative periods. Our project manager on this side is very technical and will work closely with you on the project. After the site is in production, we will require maintenance, so establishing a good working relationship is primordial.

In your application for this contract, please direct us a few sites you have designed that reflect some of the features listed above. It is not necessary to send 100 links to unrelated sites, only 3 or 4 for proof that you have experience to build what we are looking for.

1. If your portfolio does not include most of the features we request, please be professional: do not waste your time and our time. Also, we will check references, so it will not help to list sites like Etsy and Airbnb in your portfolio.
2. To separate you from the spammers, please write “I AM REAL” as the first line of your bid. We will delete ALL bids that do not start with this phrase since in our experience, many bidders never read the requirements. Thank you for reading all the way to the end.

Periods: 25 August 2012 – 1 September 2012
Jobs: AJAX, HTML5, MySQL, PHP, Website Design
Budget: $30 – $99999999
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