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Website similar to

–Project Description:–

I’m seeking someone to build a rent a place website. Preferably very similar in functionality to,

Having following features,
1) Layout and design
2) Quick loading
3) User features
4) Ability to adjust any of the features from the back end
5) SEO Optimized
6) Great meta tagging

—-Required Features—
The design must have the ability to run in FREE mode or PAID MEMBER mode, must be PayPal integrated and also pay by credit card directly. Payment levels easily adjusted from Admin panel.
Must be cross browser compatible IE / Firefox / Safari / Opera/ Chrome.
Also these incorporated features ARE a MUST:
1) Ability to access/edit/add the underlying database/images easily
2) Image upload watermarking
3) Front template promoting latest rooms / latest seekers
4) ALL users must either upload image of themselves as seekers or users offering rooms must upload imaging
5) Ability to block certain IP’s and ranges
6) Template with ability to adjust code/ images / layouts etc.
7) All fields in profiles able to adjusted with new fields or editing existing fields.
8) The source code of the design is required!
9) The website would have its appearance similar to
10) Profile Filtering for email and phone number inclusions etc.

If you have a current demo of this type of site, i would like to login to admin area.

—-Before you bid—-
Before you bid, go to and make a profile, post an ad and spend at least 2-3 hours on the website.
If you cannot deliver all of the features of the website, please do not bid.
The site I require MUST be smooth and resource friendly.
I will not entertain unrealistic bids or bidders with no clue of what I want, English language is preferred.
I have been using programmers for many years, i can spot scammers / rip off artists a mile away.
—-How to Bid?—-
When you respond i do NOT want a long winded resume, show me your equally impressive site as, nothing less and provide login details.
For those who cut and paste generic responses or intros in their bids, please know that your bid would get deleted immediately.
—-Best Designer—-
The programmer MUST have previous Accommodation Site Design with intensive searching results etc.
You must be graphically artistic and creative as this project would require it.
I do NOT want 1st timers, or those not familiar with Shared Accommodation sites or real estate sites to apply as you will be politely told to shove off. I would have to talk to you on Skype before awarding the project.
—–Terms of Service of Project:—
1) Payment will ONLY be made upon COMPLETION of this website once satisfied all specifications and design has been finished and tested.
2) No pre-payment or percentages will be paid at all so don’t ask.
3) My company requests the project winner to supply complete name, address, contact telephone number, email address.
4) Whilst this project is in design and implementation mode, we request the programmer/designer to be email or msn contact on a daily basis
5) This project will be put on your own server until completion, once completed and paid for, it will be up to the designer/programmer to transfer and set up on our server.
6) In the event the programmer / designer is not able to be contacted for a period longer than 7 days without letting our company know, they will forfeit this project and it will be awarded to another programmer.
7) On final pricing and bidding, the awarded programmer must give an estimated time of completion and pricing; in the event that time is extended the programmer should agree to a reduction in price for compensation of not completing on time.
8) On completion of project pricing should also incorporate a period of no less than 3 months maintenance for potential bug fixes.
9) Our terms and conditions are final and will not be negotiated. If you cannot adhere to our terms please do not bid.

Periods: 29 August 2012 – 5 September 2012
Jobs: AJAX, Graphic Design, HTML, Java, PHP
Budget: $750 – $1500
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