WordPress Website Creation and Full Implementation

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WordPress Website Creation and Full Implementation

I am in the process of becoming a certified life coach, master spirit life coach and strategic interventionist and need my website designed and completely implemented.

My website will be at the domain www.manifest-8.com. It must be a fully functional WordPress theme and I will provide the initial content as we develop the look and feel of the website. I must be able to edit and add content without any programming knowledge once implemented.

Some of the requirements and components of the site that need to be fully integrated are:

1.Home Page:
a.Header banner with images potentially rotating.
b.Section for a video introduction
c.Central section for main content area
d.Right column where I will offer a Free Report or White Paper and have people sign in to my GetResponse.com newsletter. (This must be integrated into the functionality)
e.Columns on the bottom where different categories of content can be added.

2.Why Coaching?
a.Page where I will explain what coaching is and how it is used.

3.Manifest-8 Life System
a.Page where I can add complete content about the Life System I have developed.
b.Areas for images and video

4.Our Services
a.Area where I outline all of the different coaching services I provide

a.Page where I outline all of the speaking services I provide
b.Area where I can put sales copy for the workshops I do.

a.Section where I can add all of my products that I sell.

a.Area where I can post links to articles, white papers, downloadable documents, videos, etc.


9.Contact Us

I need a price for the complete initial implementation, however, I want someone who is prepared to be there as my programmer and designer to add to the site as it develops.

I am open to suggestions as to site design. You can look at the Manifest-8.com site to see my logo which I intend to keep and design a site around those colours in the logo.
There are a couple of websites that I like that will give you a feel for the type of site I am seeking. They are:

http://julietfunt.com/ – I really like the use of graphics here and the overall corporate, professional feel of this site.

http://www.dieterpauwels.com/ I like the organizational structure of his website.

Again, I am open to suggestion, but if somehow we could combine the organizational elements of the second site with the graphical qualities and professionalism of the first site, that would be great.

The above is a rough guideline. I need a programmer who is not going to get unnerved if there are changes as we develop the project. This is a work in progress and will take some time to complete.

Periods: 3 September 2012 – 10 September 2012
Jobs: Graphic Design, User Interface / IA, WordPress
Budget: $250 – $750
Bid on this project

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