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We are an established webhosting company with several years of presence in the market in the process of redesigning, rewriting, and updating our website. Here is the explanation of each of these processes:
1. Redesigning our website to be more streamlined and user friendly.
2. Rewriting our content to become more effective and SEO optimized.
3. Updating our website to use the latest HTML5/CSS3 technology.
We are primarily looking for a web design team who can design websites and write content. Familiarity with web hosting and related technologies as well as fluency in English is a must. The designers/writers should be experienced in website design and SEO content writing rules such as easy navigation from all pages, SEO keywords, etc.
We believe in a simplistic modern design and in this spirit have already chosen a pre-designed theme for our project. This allows the designer a template which he can build our website on. The foundation of design is already there, now it is just a matter of designing/choosing proper graphics/icons, writing the proper content for each page, and putting blocks and modules together to build each page. The website should be built using the latest version of Word Press CMS.
We have selected this theme http://www.yootheme.com/demo/wordpress/nano2 powered by “The Warp Framework”, it provides a rich, fast and slick framework to customize and design the website. It also provides a lot of widgets like slideshow, slide set, etc. We insist on using the widgets and HTML5/CSS3 technology whenever possible in the website to provide a richer experience to our customers. YOOtheme theme provides full documentation on both the theme and on the Warp Framework. If you need more information regarding this theme, the Warp Framework, available widgets, or anything else you can refer to provided URL.
One of the most important features we want integrated on our website is customizable orders by sliders. For each product category we offer a couple of predefined packages and also a fully customizable package which employs sliders to tailor the order for the customer. This functionality is already provided by a tool named WHMCS Slider which will be provided to integrate on the website. Here is the link to WHMCS Slider which we would like to use on our website for all product categories http://www.whmcsslider.com/products/pricing-table-slider/.
The website should consist of following pages:
1. Home Page: Most important page of the website. The designer should employ widgets like slide shows to provide the quality content to customers in the smallest possible area. All products should be presented and orderable on this page, and sliders should be integrated to this page for all presented categories. The centerpiece of this page must be the ability to create a customizable order with sliders and directly checkout.
2. Page dedicated to each product category with its description, features and comparison table. We have 4 product categories: Windows VPS, Linux VPS, cPanel hosting and SSL Certificates, that makes a total of 4 pages for products categories. Customers must be able to select a predefined package or an aforementioned customizable order and proceed to check out on this page.
3. Price Guarantee Page.
4. Affiliate Page.
All these pages should be gorgeously designed with proper graphics and written in simple fluent English. If a page does not meet our criteria, we will work with the designers through numerous iterations until a satisfactory product is delivered. Also the content must be written using certain provided SEO keywords for each page. The design and writing teams should be in direct contact with us through email and provide live prototypes of each page until they are accepted by our lead designer. We will do our best to provide detailed information and support so we can finish this project ASAP.

Periods: 27 August 2012 – 3 September 2012
Jobs: Graphic Design, SEO, Technical Writing, Website Design, WordPress
Budget: $250 – $750
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