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Toybox is a male to male escort agency like no other. Think of the 80’s teen hit flick “Weird Science” crossed between Australia’s popular “Build A Bear” toy store.
Toybox is where ordinary straight/bi/gay males can create there ultimate fantasy transforming it into reality.
Marketed more for high end business class “straight” clientele Toybox offers its main feature ‘build a boy’ function.
Instead of scrolling through endless male profiles left with too many choices leaving the client bothered and confused. Toybox offers its clientele the opportunity to creat and design there desirable male fantasy.

Toybox ‘build a boy’ is the star feature and separates other male escort agencies from the rest.
Imagine you wanted to created your very own real life designer doll and then bring it to life.
As the client picks each description a generated image will evolve creating the desired ‘build a boy’ 3D avatar as realistic as possible. Once the description is complete it will then search Toybox database and direct the client to choose available real life Toybox male escorts closest to the description with links to there individual profile page.

Each escort profile page will be themed to a super hero/action figure example being Batman or Action Man etc. ..
Every Toybox escort will have had a photo shoot in there super hero/action figure attire
NOTE: super hero and action figure costumes will be minimal more sexually appealing to the adult eye.
Each profile page will consist of


Along with do’s and don’ts a small bio on the escort, pricing, availability and a small photo gallery.


This is the part were they contact Toybox via phone preferably or email with enquiries on do’s and don’ts, pricing and availability.
There will also be a view all toybox boys page for the clientele that wants to see everything available despite there search criteria.

Toybox is marketed to mostly to high end business class straight males. Homosexual males aren’t forgotten of course but statistically have more easier, cheaper if not free options on today’s market.
Toybox promises and I mean PROMISES’S discretion and health. Leaving the client feeling at ease about his secrete extra curricular activities.
All toybox escorts will be checked at the the local sexual health clinic on a monthly basis with records kept on file at the agency and a copy kept on the escort. Incase clientele would like to site these for self reassurance.
These are toybox biggest most important focus points.


Please note with discretion as promise to our toybox clientele there will be a panic mode available. If the client is at home or in the office browsing through Toybox and is at sudden risk of being interrupted a simple key stroke action will instantly direct the clients browser to a innocent home page such as google search engine.

Toybox Adult Entertainment is the registered business name and the domain name for the next 2 years is www.toyboxxx.com.au

Keep in mind Toybox isn’t your stereo typical male to male escort agency overdosed with gay iconic symbolism such as rainbow flags and hardcore gay pornographic images.
I don’t want to frighten straight clientele that are curious and new to the the experience.

Being named Toybox ‘ Turning Fantasy Into Reality’ the theme is big bold bright colors. High gloss and simplicity. Beginning of the website will start off more clean cut and pure and by the end of the Toybox web page experience without even noticing its turned more dark and promiscuous with a touch of techno color leaving the client aroused and wanting more.

Other Toybox pages to be included

Home page
About us
Toybox Guarantee

Thank you and look forward to working with you.

Toybox Adult Entertainment

Periods: 9 August 2012 – 16 August 2012
Jobs: Anything Goes, Website Design
Budget: $250 – $750
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